Quinoa, sweet potato, potatoes patties

I haven’t found a way to keep blogging regularly. Anyway, after a long break, I am trying again. I will keep my intro short.

Got a sweet potato and a few new potatoes at home and have not eaten quinoa for a long long time, flicking the Tibits & Hiltl cookbook in German (LOL) !!! I saw the quinoa potato burger recipe seems suitable to what I have. I think I understand the recipe in German okay, can pretty much guess the steps.

I adapted the recipe by using sweet potato and white quinoa etc.

Here are the ingredients I used:

1 Sweet potato
4 Small new potatoes
Handful of flat-leaf parsley
Handful of fresh coriander
Corn starch
A bit of breadcrumbs
A small onion, cut into small pieces and sautéed
Black pepper
1 tbsp Graham masala
Grated Parmesan cheese (optional) I threw in because I have leftover
1/3 cup quinoa
Little gem lettuce
Plain Greek yogurt

Peel & boil sweet potato and potatoes, mash in a big mixing bowl
Sauté the onion, set aside to cool
Finely chopped the herbs
Cook the quinoa as instructed, let it cool down
Preheat oven to 180c
Mix all the above and seasonings
Line a baking sheet on a baking tray, lightly oil
Shape the mixture into small balls and lay on the baking sheet, gently flatten the patties with your hand.
Brush the top with a bit olive oil.
Bake for 15-20 mins, until golden brown
Serve with lettuce leaves and add a doop of Greek yogurt
Tonight I had a small piece of salmon teriyaki to go with.
Hubby was very happy and enjoyed the dinner very much.