Selfies, Smartphones and Tablets

Gosh, my last post was since last November, really embarrassing but I do have good reasons. We have moved into our new house last September and you can imagine how much planning and follow-up work we need to do. After moved in already for 6 months, it’s still not over. And on top I had been back to Hong Kong for 2 times over Christmas and in February for my dad’s surgery, good that every thing went well.

Two days ago, I saw on the news about the National Gallery and Palace of Versailles has banned the use of Selfie-Sticks, this does and doesn’t surprise me. And it triggered me to have the following thoughts. Firstly because, most of the time, isn’t photographs are not allowed in museums. So the easiest way is to ban the use of cameras and smartphones in the museums, then problem solved? I recalled some time ago, people were teasing the Chinese tourists are holding selfie-sticks when they travel again. So I thought it’s just a Chinese thing but apparently not, the young generation or other travellers are doing the same.

I wonder why all of a sudden, so many people like taking selfies. I remembers especially the youngsters. I recalled the Western world people laughed at Chinese or Asians that when we travel, we have to always take so many photos standing in front of a scenery or landmarks to prove that we have visited that place or country. So as I grew older, I find it stupid to take photos this way but instead I prefer to take photos without necessary always having me in it. Occasionally, I would still like to do a few as a group as memory of the time you spend with your friends and family together.

There was one time a friend and P said the Chinese took photos of every thing as I asked him to pull the car aside to let me take a photo of a very nice scenery. I was so furious, and had a fight with them, I answered back that it’s not just me who do such things these days, it’s a lot of people are doing it, not just Chinese!!! I took photos of my food because I am a food blogger and later I realise there are so many foodies out there. So yeah, taking food photos and selfies seem to be part of the modern lifestyle. I like taking food photos but not myself in the photo.

The other thing which concerns me very much is the use of electronics in kids and teenagers. Well even adults. I have always thought that iPads and iPhones are great innovative products, however, they are so addictive and it’s harder to control of the usage among teenagers, once they owe an iPhone, that is, it stays in their hand all the time, games, texting. It’s worse than Xbox or wii or PSP, as these stay at home and you can limit your children the time they spend on them. Tablets are a bit better as they are bigger, and you can put away more easily than iPhones.

With computer, there is parental control or timer but iPhones or iPads there are no timer. I read that Steve Job did not allow his own children to have these gadgets in their home, now I wonder why.

If any parents out there, have any good ideas on how to limit the usage of iPhones, please do share and comment below.

Our current house rule is that, after dinner, it’s not allowed to use the iPhone but then he said I am texting, this is not game, etc. And then they answer back and say how about you, you are always using your phone too all the time. What would you say, parents out there?