Sleep Training my toddler

After over a month sleep training Marc, I dare do write this post. He is more or less officially sleep trained ?!?!

Sleep training has always been an issue with Marc, he will turn to four in July. He was still sleeping in our bed until 5 weeks ago. But he is getting big. He always kicks off the duvet and says too hot but I feel cold and need the duvet over me, moreover, it’s difficult for me to turn and it gives me muscle ache the next morning.

We had not been strict and we were not persistent enough to force him to go to his own bed. P travels a lot so it doesn’t make it easier, or rather on the contrary. Also we don’t want to disturb our neighbour, in case they complain to the police as if we are torturing our son.

So for the first three weeks, we let him fall asleep in our bed first and then we would move him into his bed later.

He is super sensitive and will search one of us from time to time in his sleep. When he cried for us, one of us will go to him immediately.

Since sleep training, he has some new rituals :

He would take a milk bottle and water bottle and put next to his bed, he needs both!!!

And all of a sudden, he is now in to plush toys, and among all he still prefers the two little lambs the most. He will also choose some cars each night to sleep with him.

He likes stroking our arms while falling asleep.
And the fourth and fifth weeks, he began to sleep in his bed. I noted down the first 3 nights and thereafter he gradually gets use to the habit of sleeping in his bed, he still wakes up in the middle of the night but this is acceptable!

DAY 1 in his own bed

Able to put him to sleep in his own bed.
We made a deal that he could watch one episode Octanauts before he goes to his own bed. He looked and sounded so promising but then when came to bed time he brought the 2 plush toys, his bottle 3 cars and plane to my bed.
Cried and pulled me but I tried to be firm and said I would want to sleep in his bed then he followed after brushing his teeth. We played with his plush toys, he was smiling v quickly in bed but awake. I said I wanted toys too and took the pig n musical lamb, Sophie and played the lullaby. We played several times and he finally wind down n dozed off hope stay for a while. I thought so. Some time ago he would cry harder but he was happy v soon.

Let Marc came to my bed at 4am. I can’t fall asleep in his bed and he can’t fall back asleep immediately yet but he didn’t cry when I went to him. He needs to take many cars to our room though and finish the drink. He needs to hold my arm all the time. 4:40am he was asleep
I was still awake at 5:15am. Hungry, ate a slice of bread with peanut butter; checking on my phone. Crap! I could hear rooster already. 8:26am Oh no, overslept! Skipped shower, made myself ready first and then woke Marc up. He wanted watch TV! Dear, no time! Stressful! Luckily he is not a breakfast person like me, took his milk bottle and we dashed off. Oh man, he still wanted to play hide and seek around my car! Marc, get in the car, plezzz, we are really late! Phew, we arrived school in time!
Day 2

Took a long time to make him fall asleep. From 9:40pm till almost 11pm. Blimey, He asked for pacifier all of a sudden. I had to make him cry a bit to make him dozing off more quickly. We had story time, playing lullaby on his plush toy Sophie. Drinks water, milk, then water, milk and water again. Tonight he complained a little but much less so that was a bit progress. At least he fell asleep there and not on our bed first. And he has no choice as just me and him at home. My trick was to keep the lights in our bedroom off. I don’t mind him coming in the middle of night. At least he was willing to go to his bed, that was a big step. He now needs the soft toys more for comforting and feeling more secure and playing the lullabies help as well as the story time, all these help to calm him down and keep him in a happy mood, story time distracts him from thinking of our bed and he talks about the contents inside the book. 6am , he woke up again, came to me with his soft toys, Bobbi car and drinking bottles.
Day 3

He woke up once at 5am, I responded to him instantly by saying mommy is here and he slept through until 9am.

Well done boy! Keep it up!