A superb birthday surprise: Gourmet Traveller 88 Cookbook …

So what is this all about, a Gourmet Traveller 88 cookbook??? Haven’t heard you mentioned it at all!

Is this your first reaction when you see the above image? To be honest, I was so astonished on 11th June (my birthday),  when my hubby, Peter asked me to unwrap the birthday present, I was still in bed, not fully woken up yet.

That was my reaction that morning:

P: Happy Birthday!

J: What is this? A book? (Unwrapping) Errh??? My cookbook? You are kidding?

P: No, I am not, this is only a sample copy that the printer could deliver today. The rest of them would be ready by next week.

J: How come I have not noticed anything? How long have you been preparing this?

P: For almost 2 months already and you have not sensed anything, am I good or not this time? (Usually I am very sensitive, with spotty eyes.

I was totally taken by surprise, the reason was because firstly my hubby is always on the road for his job and I would not expect him to have time  to go out to get a birthday gift for me. He did mention that he had to pick up something for me on my birthday and that he did not do much and just ordered online. I did try to guess: flowers, kitchen gadget or a new laptop? He then said the gift is very big in size but when I saw the wrapped gift which I could tell it is obviously a book, I was wondering why he said big, is that just a manual of something? Has he got a big flat TV for our bedroom like the movie Sex and The City 2?

Anyway, I was not dreaming, Peter has been working in the last two months editing the cookbook for me. This is the most sweetest and romantic gift I have ever received. I have always thought he did not pay much attention to my blog, it’s just something I do in my own time.

So last Friday, I uploaded my cookbook cover and the table of contents in Facebook to share my joy with my friends and readers. And thank you for all the comments, really made my days. I am thrilled to have receive orders already as soon as I wrote in Facebook.

Here is a review from Myrto foodsnaps, thanks so much for her support all along and a wonderful review in her blog!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much to my friend Cara for talking to Bergli Bookshop in Basel on my behalf, as I am now in the final stage of my pregnancy which makes me not so mobile to go out much anymore. And the good news is that Bergli bookshop has accepted my cookbook right away, they are now stocked in their bookstore and also available in their online store, they ship worldwide!!!