Perhaps the Best Crêpe in the world: La Crêperie de Hampstead

Hampstead Creperie 04

A lot of Londoner would know Hampstead Crêperie because the long queue at night have not changed a bit since I was still in University, they had been in the press many times.

“Friend” of mine took me there the first time and I fell in love with this crêperie immediately and kept going back. As an undergraduate at that time, this was one of the best evening entertainments and yet economical. I used to live in St John’s Wood and it was just a straight road to drive up there, very convenient. At night, you will see a lot of cars driving around looking for a parking space on the street, just coming for a crêpe.

Recalling the old days, I particularly liked going there in Winter, standing and shivering in the queue , when it comes to my turn, the crêpe always tasted particularly good and rewarding.

I had then took my other friends there and everyone just fell in love with their crêpes. For 28 years, the standard of their pancakes have been able to maintain their consistency and high standard.

Every time when I visit London, if possible, I would love to visit this crêperie, although they have all kinds of combinations on the menu, savoury or sweet ones, I would only choose the sweet one and order exactly the same, here is my all time favorite: BBC, it’s not on the menu, I made it up myself.

  • Banana, Belgium chocolate and Cointreau (BBC)

Last time I went, it was February, just after The Pancake Day in UK. It was my first time visiting during daytime which was not so busy and I could have a little chat with Emma. I asked Emma why their crêpes tastes so much better than the one in South Kensington which I tried years ago. Depsite the one in South Ken. has seats available inside and more convenient to get there, I still prefer to come to the one in Hampstead. When the South Kensington one first opened it was under the same partnership with the Hampstead Crêperie, however, because the partner in South Ken one did not want to follow how the ones in Hampstead are made, so in the end they were no longer partners anymore.

The owner of Hampstead Crêperie ensures his people making the crêpes according to his standard, that’s why the quality of his crêpes have not changed or deterioriate a bit. Eating their crêpes really brought me flash back of my good old memories, excuse me of keep talking about my old days, I feel I am getting old already!!!!!!!!! I am really not exaggerating but the crêpes here are unbeatable !


So what make Hampstead Crêperies so successful and popular? It’s the BUTTER they put under the pancake while cooking which made their crêpes taste richer and unique. Apart from this, it’s the strong determination and belief of the owner that make him a big success for years!


If you visit London one day, I strongly recommend you to pay a visit to try their crêpes, drop me what you think. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee afterwards, there are numerous nice cafés around.