A Culinary tale of two cities: part I london

Last week I did not cook anything special or exciting as I was travelling between UK and Holland back and forth. Or neither I went to any fancy restaurants this time but still I have come across some interesting food and places where I shopped for food that I would like to share.

Part I: London

I spent one afternoon in Central London and finally got a chance to visit to Japan Centre in Piccadilly, although you can order online but I prefer to see first then buy. Needless to say, I have stocked up some Japanese cooking ingredients and some cookware. I found this sesame mill (Fig. 1) which a must-have item for noodle-lovers. I was amazed that even weekdays, there would be so many customers. After this, my second stop was Waterstone bookstore which is just next door and lastly I went to Selfridges but then I got too tired and wanted to find somewhere to rest, so I went to the Food hall and had a scoop of really good Oddono’s authentic Italian gelato. And finally, finally, the highlight was meeting my good old friend and my husband for dinner. We had Chinese food at Royal China in Baker Street. This has always been my most favorite Chinese restaurant in London, they have the best dim sum in town. It is amazing to see how much their business have expanded in the last 10 years.


Sesame mill (also added to my favorite kitchen-aids)

Walkers Crisps

Every time I travel to UK, I would go to the supermarket to buy some Salt’n vinegar crisps which I cannot easily find in Switzerland but this time I found many new flavors and tempted to try some of them, and this new Sensations range from Walkers taste really good, I have picked 3 different flavors as Sainsbury has a good deal for any three packs. I wish I could pack them all into my suitcase : ) The one I like best is the Peking Spare Rib Five Spice flavored Oriental Crackers, I find they have cleverly blended the oriental spices and this pack did give me a nice surprise and a WOW factor! Funny enough by chance I found Jonny from ‘We Are Never Full’  has a post on Top Five of the Month: Crisps/ Potato Chips which I did not have time to revisit to vote on my top five flavours. Anyway, I now realise that there are so many people who loves Salt’n Vinegar flavour crisps and so many people who are fanatic about crisps !!!

In any case, here are my top five crisps:

  • Salt’n Vinegar
  • Prawn Cocktail
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Cameralised onion & Sweet Balsamic Vinegar (Walkers Sensations range)

I did not count in the oriental crackers did not count as I am not 100% it’s made of potatoes.


Sushi available in Heathrow T5

For just less than £7, this Salmon Trio Bento I bought from itsu was a good bargain, the salmon is fresh and the rolls are nice and presentable otherwise would not have attracted me to be their customer. For a Japanese fast food change, this is pobably the best one I have come across. Unlike the wagamama noodle bar next door, I have had high hope after 10 years I have tried in their first restaurant near the British Museum but it has disappointed me that I would never visit again and wait until I get home to cook by myself. If you have been to a proper Ramen place, you will know what I mean.


Colorful artistic bento boxes


Salmon trio bento from itsu

(salmon sushi; salmon & avocado roll & salmon sashimi)

So after fulfilling my appetite, here I was on my way to Amsterdam, see you in Part II: Amsterdam….


Remarks about Heathrow T5:

It is so good to have T5 as it is less crowded and the terminal is new and modern, if you have time, there are plenty of shops such as Harrods selling high end fashion. And if you are BA Gold Member, the lounge is the best I have seen so far, it’s spacious, hip, contemporary and comfortable.