Another Milestone ….

Thanks to Karen from Rambling Spoon for passing the Diamond award to me. This is the second time I receive this award, I wish this were a real diamond, just kidding!!! Actually I have only discovered Karen’s blog very recently, her post “Are there any Good Food Writers?” have drawn my full interest and attention to read her post from start to end. I agree with Karen, it is easy to write but difficult to do it well. Each writer has his/ her own writing style and unique experience, I suppose one very important element is to be yourself.

September has been a very rewarding month to me so far, apart from receiving this award and being featured in Foodie Blogroll’s Finest Foodies Friday (FFF), I have achieved another milestone for my blog: Gourmet Traveller has surpassed 10,000 hits yesterday  : ) It was nice to see the hit rate went from 4 digits to 5 digits, even though we said we should not rely so much on hit rates but it does act as a motivational tool for me. I would not want to feel like writing to myself otherwise I should choose to keep the blog to myself and not to publish it, right? AND, believe it or not, just when I was adding the link of my nominee, I have noticed that I have received a third award, thanks Núria, we were giving awards to each other at the same time.

I am very pleased that from time to time there are readers stopping by and letting me know what they like about my blog and even better is that when there are readers who have tried my recipes and come back leaving me a comment of how happy they are with the outcome of their dishes.

Since I joined the blogosphere, I am amazed that there are so many food bloggers out there and so many good ones of course. This week I even met with another foodblogger F2F for lunch at the cafe she recommended (the arancini, stuffed rice-ball which is a Sicilian specialty was really special and yummy). It is very nice to find someone from your surroundings who shares the same interest with you. I am glad that I have joined foodbuzz where I can find blogging buddies in my area.

So to keep it going, I would like to pass on the diamond award to the following seven blogs:

Venny from Sanctuary from The Mad World: A foodblogger in Basel, we share, exchange travel experiences and where to buy our Asian groceries in Basel. Venny has also very nice pictures in her blog.

Leonor from flagrante delicia: I have discovered this blog only in the last few days, if you have sweet teeth, this site will feast your eyes. I like brioche myself and her one minute brioche has drawn my attention. originally this site is in Portuguese but there are so many English readers that Leonor is so kind to add the English version for us.

Dhita from Cooking Etcetera: Dhita is Indonesian currently living in inner Mongolia. Her blog is filled with delicious baked goods and her specialties of the house!

Chuck from The Knead for Bread: bread baking is my new area of interest, and if you find your bread making books at home cannot fulfill your desire, come to visit this site for more ideas.

Joy from Joy the Baker: Joy has great baking recipes that start from scratch. If you would like make your own starter, here is the site for you.

Anna from For the Love of Food: Anna has many creative recipes here, she has the courage to try new cooking ingredients, e.g. lotus root which is a common vegetable in Asia (but unfortunately I cannot buy here in Switzerland), she also discovers hidden gems restaurants in Vancouver and B.C.

Núria from Spanish Recipes: Núria is very friendly. She has a lot of authentic Spanish recipes and other creative recipes. I have tried her paella recipe, it’s simply delicious and easy to follow!
Congratulations to the above award winners and here are the rules for you to forward the diamond award to your favorite blogs:

  1. When you receive a diamond, write a post about it on your blog.
  2. Name the blogger from whom you received the award.
  3. Award the diamonds to seven other bloggers (can be any kind of blogs not limited to foodblogs).
  4. Link them.
  5. Tell them they received an award.

Happy blogging!!!