Early Summer Delight: “Absolutely fabulous Raspberry fool (Plan B)”

Raspberry fool made with Bifidus Natural Yogurt

Raspberry fool made with Bifidus Natural Yogurt

You may wonder why I would have 2 raspberry posts with plan A and plan B. This is because yesterday I had the 3rd harvest of the raspberries in our garden. And I had made raspberry fool in an alternative way using Bifudus Natural Yogurt. As I am consious of my weight, it would not be wise to have mascarpone so frequently. And the result turned out to be as close and yummy. More importantly is that it is worry and guilty free after taking a lovely dessert.

Plan B:

Just follow the Absolutely Fabulous Raspberry Fool (Plan A) Recipe and replace the 500g quark and 500g mascarpone with 1000g Bifudus Natural Yogurt, just as simple as that. No milk is required for this version.

Thanks to Béa’s inspiring food photos in La Tartine Gourmande which reminded me the yogurt glass containers I have at home. I have kept a few which I thought they may become handy one day. Therefore this time I have used them to keep my 3rd batch of raspberry fool, they are great! I could keep them nicely in the fridge and eat them the following day.

If you have read my guacamole recipe, I have two version of recipes: (short and long). I am the type of person always like thinking alternatives probably due to my work experience, we always have to think of some contingency plans if something does not turn out the way as you want to be. I have started the term ‘Plan B’ verbally with my collegues years ago and somehow after some time, I have heard it appeared in the movies and now a lot people use it too.