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I grew up in Hong Kong and had lived in UK for some time. I had spent a year in Basel, Switzerland for my university’s internship which on my last day I said to myself that I would never come back to this country. Funny enough my career life has somehow attached to Basel since Day One. The headquarters of the two pharma companies which I worked for are both based in Basel. Due to career advancement in HQ, I decided to move back to Basel again. From this experience, I learnt  ”Never Say Never”!

From living in a metropolitan city to now living in the countryside, it was certainly a big change for me but I am loving it and enjoying it more and more.

Being a frequent traveller and having lived in the food heaven, Hong Kong, there are unlimited eating-out opportunities where I could explore anything from haute cuisine to street food. At home, my mom cooks fabulously without ever using any recipes; all these have made me become demanding and picky on food.